"By utilizing the 5 steps of the system analysis model, we ensure a proper mock up of your vision is achieved.
This is key to establishing solid communications between the client and our highly pliable web development unit "
"Ben Chaisson"

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Web 2.0

It is an exciting time for the Wide World Web with the massive explosion referred to as "Web 2.0"

"What is Wordpress". Wordpress is an open source blogging software. Wordpress offers free blog sub domains to be hosted on their servers. You can also download the powerful blog software to host on your own server. There are many themes and plug ins available and search engines seem to put importance on the Wordpress blogs as they show high for nearly every keyword phrase. Get a blog quote.

"Should I join Facebook?". If you like to keep in touch with old friends and don't mind everyone being able to see what you're up to...then sure. Facebook can be a powerful way to stay in touch with old friends and colleagues.

"What is Web 2.0". This is one of the questions I am asked about the most. Web 2.0 is the social revolution taking place on the Internet.(more)

"What is SEO". Another term we are asked about everyday. SEO refers to search engine optimization/marketing. The art of making a website have a strong presence on the search engines.(more)

"What is Outsourcing". Outsourcing is the act of hiring a foreign company to do the work at a substantially reduced price. We use a company based out of Romania. Their work ethics and mastery of the English language has been beneficial to many of our clients. The savings from our outsourcing is upwards of 30%.(more)

Web design portfolio client www.fighting-mma.com
Mixed Martial Arts

Web design portfolio client www.hemlocksp.com
Hemlock Stucco
Stucco Company

Web design portfolio client www.the-uno.com
The Uno
New Electric Vehicle

Web design portfolio client www.hollytrash.com
Holly Trash
Hollywood Gossip Blog



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